Swiss Pharmaceuticals IGF 1 EXTREME

Swiss Pharmaceuticals IGF 1 EXTREME

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Swiss Pharmaceuticals IGF 1 EXTREME is an innovative prohormone supplement in the capsule form. It has a highly anabolic peptide management system, that builds muscle mass, gives you razor-sharp muscle definition and helps in the process of recovery.


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Swiss Pharmaceuticals IGF 1 EXTREME

Swiss Pharmaceuticals IGF 1 EXTREME does not have to be injected, it is easily taken orally with a capsule. The insulin-like growth factor is a hormone that is similar in structure to insulin and works together with the growth hormone to reproduce and regenerate cells. GF-1 Extreme from Swiss Pharmaceuticals not only helps to increase your existing muscle mass. This supplement also helps you to increase the number of cells in your actual muscle tissue. In other words, it helps to maximize the density and size of your muscles. The product is a real anabolic innovation and can support you and your training in many ways.

ADVANTAGES OF Swiss Pharmaceuticals IGF 1 EXTREME

Insulin-like growth factor (IGF), formerly called somatomedin, peptide hormone that functions primarily to stimulate growth but also possess some ability to decrease blood glucose levels. The production of IGF-1 in the body is stimulated by human growth hormone (HGH, which is its metabolite/precursor and is converted in the liver to IGF-1). In particular, IGF-1 has very strong anabolic effects and stimulates the metabolism of amino acids in the body: by increasing protein synthesis, it increases the synthesis of RNA, supports the metabolism of fats and the transport of glucose and reduces the degradation of proteins.It works as an effective means of stimulating the growth of mass, strength and the conversion of fats into energy.


Swiss Pharmaceuticals IGF 1 EXTREME supports regeneration and improves muscles definition. It will provide you with power and strength enough to start the fat burning process. It also helps fight inflammation and improves protein synthesis. The product also prevents muscle wasting and supports healing.


The indicated recommended amount should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements should not be consumed as a substitute for a balanced diet. Keep out of reach of children.


Packaging contains 60 capsules. It is recommended to take one capsule two times a day with 250 ml of water. When you test your tolerance you can take up to 3 capsules a day.


The main ingredient is Insulin Growth Factor – 1 66 mg. Other ingredients are gelatin, magnesium stearate.

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Swiss Pharmaceuticals IGF 1 EXTREME