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Training booster, Fitness Booster, Workout Booster, Pre Workout Booster, Hardcore Booster, Extreme Booster,...
These boosters - training boosters / fitness boost ers - cover a popular segment in the field of dietary supplements among athletes & sportsmen. The number of training boosters / fitness boost ers and also the demand has grown strongly in recent years. Whether for women or men. Besides whey protein, amino acids (e.g. BCAA), creatine, etc., training boost ers are now the most popular fitness supplements among athletes. The range of these popular training boosters / fitness boosters is therefore huge. It is difficult to keep track of everything. That's why we have selected the best boosters for you from a huge range. On this page you will find all the information about training boosters and their effects and results when used. You will get important tips about these supplements and we describe what exactly training boost ers are.


  • Training booster / Fitness Booster bring you an increased euphoria!
  • Training booster / Fitness Booster focus you to the maximum during training!
  • Training booster / Fitness Booster & Pre Workout Booster have a mood-lifting effect!
  • Training booster / Fitness Booster bring you the power for a brutal workout even after a hard day!
  • Training booster / Fitness Booster increase your well-being enormously when taken!
  • Training booster / Fitness Booster for maximum energy during fitness training!
  • Training booster / Fitness Booster as exclusive powerful formulations!
  • Training booster / fitness booster original effective US formula (USA)!
  • Training booster / Fitness Booster boost your concentration enormously, even during the day!
  • Training booster / Fitness Booster arouse your attention enormously!
  • Training boosters / fitness boosters take your endurance to a whole new maximum level.
  • Training booster/ Fitness booster for partial appetite suppression and fat burning!
  • Training booster / Fitness Booster gives you an enormous and maximum energy boost for your training!
  • Training booster / Fitness Booster are highly dosed & highly effective - Massive effect!
  • Training booster / Fitness Booster expand your airways!
  • Training booster / Fitness Booster for your general & long-lasting performance increase!
  • Training booster / Fitness booster for an increased metabolism!
  • Training booster / Fitness Booster strengthen your immune system!
  • Training booster / Fitness Bo oster & Hardcore Booster are highly effective with e.g. DMAA 1,3 Dimethylamylamine & HCL!
  • Training booster / fitness booster with top ingredients like DMAA, DMHA, DMAE, Beta Alanine, Ephedra, Geranium, Schizandrol, and many more.
  • Training booster / Fitness Booster from top manufacturers with only the best nutrition products!
  • Training booster / fitness booster in high-dose substance / effect!
  • Training boosters / fitness boosters eliminate toxins when taken!
  • Training booster / fitness booster for an enormous energy boost through the original HCL & DMAA effect!
  • Training booster for a massive muscle pump during training!
  • and much more.




Training boosters are special dietary supplements. As the name suggests, these supplements are taken before the fitness training / workout. The task of a training booster is to increase energy, strength, concentration / focus, endurance and also the motivation of the athlete . The ideal result when used correctly is a massive improvement in your training performance. Therefore, these pre-workout training boosters are equipped with different highly effective ingredients / stimulants. For example, caffeine, taurine, beta alanine, DMAA, DMHA, and much more. These training boosters / fitness boosters are enriched with different vitamins, minerals, amino acids (arginine, citrulline, etc.), creatine and various nutrients. Only through an optimal dosage of the ingredients can training boosters deliver the best results!

Through these special combinations, training boosters / fitness boosters can trigger various positive effects in your body.

These effects can lead to an improvement in your performance. Training boosters / fitness boostersdo not only helpagainst fatigue. Training booster supplements are made to increase your training success, strength, endurance and motivation. Whether after a stressful day at work or early in the morning, training boost ers can give you exactly the power you need for a successful workout! The Pre Workout Booster supplements get the full performance out of you and supply your body with energy.

In addition to training boosters, a protein-rich diet should be considered to build muscle.

Training booster / Fitness Booster-Please note when taking / using!

As the name Pre Workout Training booster / Fitness Boosterschonsays, this should also be taken before the workout. Training boosters should be taken on average 20-40 minutes before training to achieve the best effect and feel the best results. This varies from workout booster / fitness booster product to product. Training boosters should ideally be taken on an empty stomach. Training boosters / fitness boost ers work best if you have not eaten anything for about 1 to 2 hours before taking them.

Otherwise, it could happen that the effect of the pre-workout booster is delayed. In extreme cases, the effect of the booster may even be completely absent. Taking BCAA and Whey Protein before training is no problem.

Training booster dose & dosage:

If you have no experience with pre-workout boosters, be careful. Slowly approach the dose and start with a small dosage. Depending on your Pre Workout Product half to 1 scoop is sufficient at the beginning. Over time, you may build up a training booster tolerance. Then you can increase the dosage. Always follow the manufacturer's recommended amount on the respective product label / product description of the training booster. Basically, the consumption recommendation of the training booster manufacturerapplies. Depending on the training booster supplement, this is usually 1 to 2 scoops per pre-workout shake.

If you train in the evening, the dosage of the training booster should be lower. Tolerance levels to certain stimulants tend to be low in the evening. Your sleep quality could be negatively affected by a normal dose of training booster / fitness booster . This, however, would again be counterproductive for your recovery phase.

The regeneration phase would be disturbed so that strength and energy would be lacking the next day. Furthermore, it is recommended to take a 3-4 day break from time to time when taking the training booster. This way you do not build up a tolerance to the training bo oster / stimulants. The tolerance level varies from athlete to athlete. This may depend on body weight, training experience or state of health.

Training booster / fitness booster formore strength and motivation:

When you feel like your training is stagnating and you're not really progressing, training boostersare usuallythe product of choice. It's probably just that extra boost of strength and motivation that helps you reach the next level. On the one hand, the training booster / fitness booster increasesyour physical performance such as strength and endurance. On the other hand, the training booster / fitness booster mentalmay give you exactly the kick you need to be motivated again. In this way, the sense of achievement during sport also brings you to a completely different level mentally. The training booster / fitness booster canhelp exactly here. You get more performance, power, strength, mental strength and a massive focus. The muscle build-up is ideally supported. By increasing strength and performance, you are able to lift more weights. You can also increase the number of repetitions with the training booster. The result is a stronger muscle stimulus. This in turn can result in accelerated muscle growth. Furthermore, pre-workout training boosters / fitness boosters are true fat burners and burn body fat through the stimulants!

Buy training booster capsules or order as powder?

Anyone who wants to consume a training booster / fitness booster usually has several options for doing so. What is meant by this is the fact that in addition to the conventional and often encountered training booster powder, there are also training boostercapsules. But which training pre-workout booster (as a capsule or powder) or hardcore booster is better? Are there differences in the ingredients or the dosage?

Buy training boosters as powder or order capsules - Which is better?

Basically, and this can be applied to almost all supplements in the field of weight training / bodybuilding, there are no real differences. Users consume the pre-workout fitness training booster / fitness boosterin powder or capsule form. This usually depends on the product in question. Products such as Jack3d Booster, Mesomorph Booster, Psycho Booster Muscle Junkie, Psychotic by Insane Labz, Cannibal Ferrox Amped Apocalypse, etc., are also used.

The exception here are the "multifunctional" training boosters, super fat burners, fat burners and ECA stacks all in one. The most popular products are Hellfire Fatburner, Black Mamba, Methyldrene, Oxyelite, ECA Stack XTreme, Black Asia, Monster Burner, etc.


Training booster for a massive pump:

So-called pump boosters / pump training boosters primarily strengthen the muscle pump. These pump training boosters significantly increase the blood flow in the trained muscles. Manufacturers of pump training boosters usually use ingredients / substances such as the amino acids arginine and citrulline in these supplements.

These are known to promote NO production (nitric oxide production). With these ingredients in the pump training bo oster, blood flow is increased. Compared to other training boosters such as classic and hardcore training boosters, pure pump boosters usually do not contain any energy-giving substances / stimulants. Stimulants are, for example, caffeine or amphetamine-like ingredients that are usually obtained from plant extracts. Sometimes these natural stimulants such as DMAA, DMAE, DMHA, Synephrine, HCL, Beta Alanine, Ephedra, Geranium, Schizandrol, Caffeine, Beta Alanine, Taurine, Guarana etc. are presented in "blends" on the label. This provides little information about the actual ingredients!

Training booster - classic booster & hardcore booster:

These training boost ers can also contain ingredients that promote pump and provide an extraordinary stimulating effect. Hardcore workout boosters are, as the name suggests, hardcore. These workout boosters contain a high quality blend of vitamins, minerals and stimulants. Typical stimulants can be DMAA, DMAE, DMHA, Synephrine, HCL, Beta Alanine, Ephedra, Geranium, Schizandrol, Caffeine, Beta Alanine, Taurine, Guarana, Arginine (L Arginine), Creatine, and many more.

Massive focus, motivation, strength, energy, well-being and endurance can be the result of this workout booster supplement. These stimulants increase your body temperature, accelerate the pulse and constrict the blood vessels. Massive focus and performance are the ideal result of these hardcore workout boosters! The effect of these training boosters can last longer. Therefore, you should use a lower dose when training in the evening to avoid problems falling asleep.

Training Booster / Fitness Booster - the right nutrition:

When using a training booster, you should also pay attention to a protein-rich diet (nutrition). Provide your body with a balanced and varied diet. This way you can build up muscle mass in a targeted way. A protein-rich diet (nutrition) supports your muscle build-up and can thus ensure sustainable results. Taking BCAAs amino acids before training or Whey protein shakes or protein bars after training is ideal. With a training booster you usually also achieve a greater muscle pump. Many athletes love the muscle pump effect of pre-workout training boosters.

Training Booster / Fitness BoosterIngredients- The 3 areas:

  1. Vitamins & minerals, amino acids (e.g. arginine), creatine in the training booster!
  2. Stimulants in the training booster / workout booster!
  3. Additives and flavours in the Pre Workout Booster / Training Booster!

What substances are in the training booster / fitness booster:

Caffeine in the training booster:

Caffeine is known from caffeinated drinks such as coffee, cola, energy drinks,... and other drinks. It stimulates the organism and helps you stay awake and alert for longer. This leads to an increase in performance. Caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system (CNS). It is an adenosine receptor antagonist and thus ensures increased alertness. Caffeine also brings about much better concentration. Caffeine is also able to increase the concentration of the neurotransmitters dopamine & norepinephrine. In most hardcore workout boosters, there is about 2 to 3 cups of strong coffee of caffeine in each serving. Caffeine is also found in ECA stacks and fat burners.

DMAA or Geranium Ol Extract in Hardcore Training Booster / Fitness Booster:

Geranium oil extract is known to die-hard hardcore training booster users, bodybuilders, power athletes, martial artists and fitness enthusiasts. Geranium oil is the active ingredient DMAA. DMAA has a very similar structural formula to amphetamine. DMAA can also release similar effects in training boosters! However, these DMAA effects and also possible side effects of DMAA are less compared to amphetamine! The release of the neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenaline is stimulated! This results in an enormous energy boost and a clearly pronounced focus. Overdoses of DMAA can result in a severe crash! 1,3-Dimethylamylamine, as DMAA is also called, is already considered very effective from a quantity of 50mg! Alternative names of DMAA are 4-methylhexan-2-amine, DMAA, dimethylamylamine, 1, 3-DMAA, geranamine, methylhexaneamine, 1, 3-dimethylpentylamine, Forthane, etc. Not to be confused with DMAE, DMHA, DHEA, memantine, etc.

DMAE in the training booster:

DMAE is a substance / stimulant in the hardcore training booster which can increasethe acetylcholine levels in the body. DMAE in the training booster increases the general number of messenger substances in the brain such as serotonin. As an antioxidant, it protects the nerve cells from attack and destruction by free radicals. DMAE also helps to increase muscle tone and promotes a healthy sleep-wake rhythm. DMAE in the Training Booster stimulates certain areas of the brain and contributes to efficient task management. DMAE promotes the production of serotonin (feel-good neurotransmitter). DMAE contributes to muscle strengthening and promotes a healthy sleep-wake rhythm. DMAE is also used in anti-aging.

DMHA in the training booster:

DMHA is used in hardcore training boosters and is similar to DMAA in its effect. It is called the new formula of DMAA. DMHA is also a stimulant. DMHA in the training booster increases your euphoria, strength, well-being, focus and brings your endurance to a whole new level. DMHA gives you a maximum energy boost and strengthens your immune system. DMHA has antibacterial and antifungal properties. This makes DMHA also pharmacologically so interesting!

Ephedra in the Training Booster / Fitness Booster:

As mentioned in several studies, ephedra / ephedrine (Ephedrine HCL) is the main active ingredient in an ECA stack. Ephedrine (ephedra) is a beta-receptor agonist. It increases the release of the body's stress hormone norepinephrine (adrenaline). This increased release of adrenaline in turn causes a strong release of cAMP. The cyclic monoadenosine phosphate. This cAMP is now the starting substance that makes up the effect of ephedrine. Ephedra in training boosters increases fat burning, as do fat burners and ECA stacks. The energy gained from this fat burning gives you the power kick with the training booster that you will certainly not forget!

Alpha Yohimbine in the training booster:

Alpha yohimbine can increase the release of the neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenaline in the training booster just like normal yohimbine. Unlike yohimbine, alpha-yohimbine cannot stimulate blood flow. It acts as an MAO inhibitor in training boosters.

Yohimbine is known to increase fat burning ! Yohimbine increases fatty acid activity. Furthermore, Alpha Yohimbine increases the general well-being and your energy level. Yohimbine sensationally melts fat precisely in the problem areas of both women and men. The energy gained from this process increasesyour energy level. Alpha Yohimbine is also known as a potency enhancing product for men and women. For more information see: Yohimbine, Yohimbine HCL, Yohimbine, Yohimbine HCL or Yohimbe.

Training booster with taurine:

Taurine is an amino acid and is often contained in training boosters. Taurine is involved in numerous metabolic processes as a so-called intermediate product and degradation product. It is obtained from bull bile. Hence the name taurine / taurus. In combination with caffeine, taurine can have an invigorating effect.

Training booster with L-arginine:

L-arginine in the training booster is a so-called semi-essential amino acid. Arginine can be produced by the body itself to a certain extent. However, these quantities are not sufficient. Therefore, an external supply (supplementation, e.g. through training boosters) is necessary. The amino acid arginine in the training booster is essentially involved in the regulation of the blood vessels, the immune system, the production of the body's own insulin and in the formation of male sperm. In growth phases and phases of illness, the supply of L-arginine (arginine) via food is essential. L-arginine is therefore now increasingly classified as an indispensable, i.e. essential amino acid. L-arginine in the training booster also supports muscle building. As arginine stimulates the release of the growth hormones (HGH - Human Growth Hormone) prolactin and glucagon, it indirectly increases muscle build-up. At the same time, arginine inhibits the uncontrolled accumulation of fat. The amino acid arginine in the training booster supports the breakdown of lipids and can therefore be used as a supportive measure during a dietary regime.
Arginine in the training booster can also lead to a vasodilatory effect. This improves blood circulation, supplies the muscles better with nutrients and dilates the vessels. This can lead to a better muscle pump.

Training booster with creatine / creatine:

An essential ingredient in many training boosters is creatine / kreatine. Creatine is also partly produced by the human body itself. It can also be supplied in the daily diet. In the muscles, creatine is primarily responsible for providing energy. And if it is supplied externally, the creatine storage can be increased by up to 20 %, which leads to an increase instrength and performance and, in combination with L-arginine, ideally also to a better muscle pump. If creatine monohydrate is in the training booster, a daily consumption of at least 5g of creatine monohydrate can increasemaximum strength by up to10%. Furthermore, creatine monohydrate in the training booster supports muscle building.

Training booster with L-tyrosine:

L-tyrosine in the training booster has a mood-lifting effect. Thus, the training booster with L-tyrosine can increase your motivation. If there is a tyrosine deficiency, the so-called dopamine level can be negatively influenced. This could lead to a disturbance of your own stress tolerance and your subjective well-being. Athletes generally have a higher need for L-tyrosine, which is why this amino acid is often present in training boosters.

Training booster with BCAAs:

Some training boosters also contain so-called BCAAs, which stand for " branched chain amino acids ". BCAAs consist of the 3 amino acids leucine, valine and isoleucine. BCAAs promote muscle growth and prevent possible muscle breakdown. BCAAs in the training booster contribute to energy production. The BCAA amino acids in the training booster are mainly metabolised in the muscles and not in the liver. This indicates their extremely important function of supplying muscle energy. In principle, the muscles should be supplied with these important amino acids through a regular supply of proteins (e.g. Whey protein shakes, Whey protein bars, Whey extract, Whey products BCAAs amino acids, etc.).

Sugar and carbohydrates in the training booster:

Some boosters are also mixed with sugar and other carbohydrates. They are mixed in the training booster for a quickly available energy.

If the training booster has no effect:

With dietary supplements as well as with training boosters, it occasionally happens that the desired effect does not occur. This usually happens very rarely. The reasons for this are manifold.

However, the most common reason for a training booster not producing any effects is desensitisation to various stimulants. Especially with caffeine, one of the most popular training booster ingredients, a habituation effect sets in with regular consumption. Caffeine tolerance is a widespread phenomenon. Many coffee and tea drinkers already know this very well. But even with other stimulants in training boosters, a habituation effect can occur after taking them several times a week. For this reason, athletes recommend not to use such training booster supp lements daily.

Training Booster Conclusion:

Training boosters can be very helpful to improve your training results and promote muscle growth. The different training booster products contain various ingredients and stimulants. These provide a short-term increase inenergy, strength, motivation andconcentration in the training booster. In addition, training boosters can help you achieve an enormous muscle pump. A training bo oster can also help you to motivate yourself to train despite a hard day at work. Training boosters can help you achieve peak performance!

The right training booster:

In order to find the best training booster for you, we have compiled the best training boosters from our point of view here. This selection should help you with your decision! The effect of a pre-workout training bo oster can vary from person to person. Regardless of whether they are women or men. Per Workout Fitness training boosters should not be used permanently!

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