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Would you like to achieve your fitness goals and support effective muscle building? Have you heard of casein as a dietary supplement? But how does casein actually affect the body and why is it important for an optimal diet?

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What is casein?

Casein, also known as milk protein or casein, is the main component of protein in curd and cheese. It is separated from whey by the industry to make cheese. Casein is a popular dietary supplement that helps to build muscle and supply the body with protein.

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Casein intake and dosage

Casein, a popular dietary supplement to promote muscle building, is usually taken in the evening. This is because casein is absorbed slowly by the body, which allows a continuous supply of protein during sleep. Athletes can take casein during breaks in training or after a workout. This supports recovery and muscle building.

The recommended dosage of casein varies depending on individual needs and goals. As a guideline, 10-20 grams of casein can be taken during the day.

Weightlifters who require more protein can increase their dosage to 40 grams in the evening. This can help support muscle growth and recovery.

It is important to consult with a healthcare professional before making any changes to your protein intake. It is important to adjust the dosage to your own needs and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Advantages of taking casein

  • Casein provides a long-lasting supply of protein as it is digested slowly.
  • It supports muscle building and muscle regeneration after training.
  • Casein can have a satiating effect and therefore help with weight management.
  • It provides the body with important amino acids for an optimal protein supply.

The intake and dosage of casein should be individually tailored to your own goals and needs. It is advisable to seek advice from an expert or nutritionist. They can determine the correct dosage and times of intake.

Who is casein suitable for?

Casein is a versatile dietary supplement that is suitable for both athletes and health-conscious people. It offers numerous benefits, particularly in the area of muscle building and fitness.

Casein is especially beneficial for athletes as it promotes muscle retention and helps in building new muscle mass. It provides high-quality protein, which is essential for muscle growth and repair after intensive training sessions. By taking casein, the body can be continuously supplied with valuable amino acids that support muscle building.

But casein can also be beneficial for people who are not actively involved in sport. It has a satiating effect and can therefore help with weight loss while minimizing muscle mass loss. In addition, casein is a good source of high quality protein, which can contribute to overall health and well-being.

Casein is particularly important during periods of illness or rest to promote muscle maintenance. During such phases, the body is often weakened and needs additional support to prevent muscle loss. Casein provides the necessary nutrients to supply the body with sufficient nutrients and support muscle maintenance.

Casein can help you achieve your goals. It doesn't matter whether you want to exercise, get fit or eat healthily.


Casein is an effective dietary supplement for muscle building and plays an important role in an optimal diet. offers many high-quality casein products. These products can help you achieve your fitness goals. They provide optimal support for your body.

Casein as a dietary supplement provides you with a good source of protein for muscle building and post-workout recovery. If you consume protein slowly, you get continuous nutrients and can effectively achieve your fitness goals."

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What is casein used for?

Casein is a popular dietary supplement that helps to build muscle and supply the body with protein."

When should you take casein?

Casein is usually recommended to be taken in the evening, as it is absorbed slowly by the body. However, it can also be taken during training breaks or after a workout.

What is the recommended dosage of casein?

It is recommended to take 10-20 grams daily. For people who do weight training, up to 40 grams can be taken in the evening.

What are the benefits of casein?

Casein supports muscle building and promotes regeneration after training. It also has a satiating effect and can help with weight loss. It slowly supplies the body with energy and helps to transport other important nutrients.

Who is casein suitable for?

Casein is suitable for athletes as well as for people who pay attention to a healthy diet. It can help build muscle and is also beneficial for endurance athletes. It is also important during periods of illness or rest to promote muscle maintenance.