Black Mamba 65 Ephedra DMAA Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS with DMAA

Black Mamba 65 Ephedra DMAA Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS with DMAA

Black Mamba 65 Ephedra DMAA Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS with DMAA

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Black Mamba 65 Ephedra DMAA Fat Burner is a hardcore AAA complex that causes hyper-rush. Users experience advanced and long-lasting energy and better mental alertness. It also suppresses appetite.

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Black Mamba 65 Ephedra DMAA Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS with DMAA


Black Mamba Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS DMAA:

Black Mamba DMAA Fat Burner HYPERRUSH / Black Mamba Fat Burner INNOVATIVE LABS contain a comprehensive blend of stimulants and appetite suppressants and therefore give a lot of energy while keeping appetite in check. Furthermore, Black Mamba DMAA Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS contain a powerful blend of "pushing" ingredients and appetite suppressants and therefore also increase energy and well-being. Black Mamba DMAA Fat Burner. Black Mamba DMAA Fat Burner INNOVATIVE LABS is an ephedra based super fat burner that helps burn fat and suppresses the emerging appetite! It is certainly most difficult for humans to meet their total calorie requirements per day while still finding enough energy for sports and workouts. In 2005, the Black Mamba HYPERRUSH fat burner was completely re-composed and manufactured. Black Mamba fat burners are one of the strongest fat burners containing ephedra (ephedrine) on the market today. The effect is accordingly.

Mamba DMAA Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS Benefits:

  • curb your appetite!
  • with DMAA!
  • burns the excess body fat!
  • brutally reduces the emerging appetite!
  • promotes the positive mood enormously!
  • give the body a lot of strength / energy booster!
  • are also an ATP regulator!
  • is considered one of the most effective and extreme fat burners!
  • contains DMAA and HCl!
  • includes Ephedra and Yohimbine !

Mamba Fatburner DMAA INNOVATIVE LABS Ingredients:

Mamba DMAA Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS are considered "hardcore", potent and intense. Mamba Fatburner by INNOVATIVE LABS are weight loss pills, manufactured by Innovative Laboratories. They contain anhydrous caffeine, ephedra extract, sand mallow, tannis, vasicinones, vasicin, phytosterols, mucins, B-aminoethyl amino HCL, 4-hydroxy-phenylethylamine, DL-phenylalanine, O-methoxy-phenylethylamine, 4,2-dimethylaminoethyl , Carraluma, Evodiae fructus, Lycopodium serratum,Yohimbine, Thiamine propyl disulfide and para-synephrine HCL. They are used to burn fat, push energy, improve mental alertness and control appetite. One capsule of Mamba DMAA Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS should be taken every morning with some water.

Mamba Fatburner DMAA INNOVATIVE LABS Main ingredients:

The main ingredient of Black Mamba DMAA buy fat burner INNOVATIVE LABS HYPERRUSH is 65 mg of ephedra. These 65 mg come in the form of an extract. Furthermore, each dose of INNOVATIVE LABS Fat burner contains 200 mg of caffeine. All these ingredients are in one capsule, so this dosage might be too much for a super fatburner beginner. However, if some experience has already been gained, the normal dose should not be a problem. The ratio of 65 mg ephedra and 200 mg caffeine in each capsule works very well. The rest of the formula is filled with phenylethylamine and yohimbine, both of which are powerful stimulants. Yohimbine, which is also used as a stimulant in its natural form, is originally found only in Africa. Studies have shown that the active ingredient of phenylethylamine has a positive effect on mental mood and general well-being.

Mamba DMAA Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS with 200mg anhydrous caffeine:

Mamba DMAA fat burner INNOVATIVE LABS uses a powerful blend in the ratio of stimulant and appetite suppressant, which gives enough energy and boosts the general mood. Black Mamba DMAA contains 200 mg of anhydrous caffeine, which is also called the "sweet spot" in terms of super fat burners. If too much of the xanthine is used, it can make you feel anxious and nervous. Conversely, if too little is taken, there will be no success in increasing energy and losing fat.

Ephedra is also called Meerträubel in German-speaking countries and Ma Huang in Asian countries. In Asia, ephedra is often used to make tea, as it is particularly effective for colds. Tea made from ephedra is also mainly drunk for asthma. The reason for this is the alkaloid content. Ephedra contains various alkaloids, e.g. ephedrine HCL. Ephedra also contains pseudoephedrine, norephedrine, norpseudoephedrine and methylephedrine. Ephedra is a plant species that grows especially in Asia (China and Russia). Ephedra basically contains ephedrine (ephedrine alkaloids). It is a woody plant with leaves arranged in threes. There are about 30 - 60 different varieties worldwide.

 DMAA Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS Methylhexanamine HCl:

DMAA, also known as 1,3 dimethylamylamine, is perhaps one of the best stimulants ever used in sports nutrition. It increases energy and also massively improves mental mood! DMAA is a sympathomimetic amine derived from the geranium plant. DMAA stimulates the release of noradrenaline in the body. Black Mamba Fatburner DMAA INNOVATIVE LABS containing less than 75 mg of DMAA do not increase the heart rate. Above a dose of 75 mg, blood pressure and heart rate can increase sharply.

Black Mamba Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS Ingredients:

Black Mamba Fatburner Innovative Labs Hyperrush: Total Blend: 458 mg/ Caffeine Anhydrous 200 mg / Ephedra (Brand Extract) 65 mg/ Thermo-Extend Matrix 180 mg > Beta-Phenethylamine Hcl, Methylhexanamine HCL, Black Tea P.E. 20% (Theaflavins), Green Tea P.E. 98% (50% EGCG), L-Phenylalanine, Tyramine, Theobromine 98% (Cocoa Extract), Green Coffee Bean P.E. 50%, Citrus Aurantium P.E. 30% (Synephrine), Griffonia Seed P.E. 98%, Yohimbine Hcl, Black Pepper P.E. 99% Piperine. Other ingredients of Black Mamba Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS: Gelatin (Capsule), Magnesium Stearate, FD&C Blue #1 and Red #40.

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Black Mamba Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS Dosage:

The daily dose of a maximum of 2 capsules of Black Mamba Fat Burner should not be exceeded under any circumstances.

As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take one capsule of Black Mamba Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS in the morning with 300 ml of water.

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2 reviews for Black Mamba 65 Ephedra DMAA Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS with DMAA

  1. Stefan - –

    I ordered the product because of the many good reviews. The booster was delivered very quickly and neatly packaged. I tried it out the next day and immediately noticed a positive effect. After about 10 minutes I got a slight tingling sensation in my arms and face. My training simply went better. Friends of mine also use this product for training and are also satisfied. So from my point of view it is a good product. I am happy to recommend it to others.

  2. Gerhard - –

    I was looking for a really strong fat burner that could help me burn extra fat and curb my appetite. Luckily, I found this BLACK MAMBA fat burner that contains DMAA, HCl and much more. After taking it, you feel energetic and fitter but it also greatly reduces appetite, which was my main focus.

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Black Mamba 65 Ephedra DMAA Fatburner INNOVATIVE LABS with DMAA