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Hardcore boosters for increased strength, increased power, improved concentration, additional energy, increased pump and much more. Our Hardcore Boosters are designed to boost your training performance!

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With a US Hardcore Booster in the old formula / US version, you can achieve your goals faster and more effectively! Are you disappointed with the standard fitness boosters and looking for an effective booster to push your fitness training and workout to a new training level? Then you've come to the right place.

Hardcore boosters are recommended for experienced athletes and bodybuilders. They offer you the optimum result for your training, body definition, fat burning and muscle building.

Hardcore Boosters give you more strength, energy, pump, performance, well-being and motivation for your training! The success of your training depends heavily on a targeted training plan and its implementation!


  • Enormous increase in strength for maximum performance!
  • Improve weight increase and number of repetitions!
  • Support for more intensive training and muscle growth!
  • Increase your training motivation after a strenuous day!
  • Contains the best stimulants such as DMAA, DMHA, DMAE, etc.
  • Original US booster for improved fitness and fatigue reduction!
  • Increased euphoria during training!
  • Maximum mental and physical concentration thanks to USA supplements!
  • Mood-enhancing effect for an optimal training experience!
  • Maximum energy during training for the best results!
  • Exclusive and effective formulations in every supplement!
  • Promote concentration outside of training too!
  • US hardcore boosters that grab your attention!
  • Increase your stamina to a new level!
  • Enormous and maximum energy boost!
  • Highly dosed and highly effective for maximum effects!
  • Airway expansion with hardcore booster products!
  • Long-lasting performance increase through powder intake!
  • Increased metabolism thanks to hardcore booster supplements!
  • Strengthen the immune system with highly effective ingredients!
  • Top ingredients such as DMAA, HCL, beta alanine, ephedra, geranium, schizandrol and much more!
  • Only products from top manufacturers with the best ingredients!
  • Elimination of toxins for clean performance!
  • Massive muscle pump during training!

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A hardcore booster or fitness booster is designed to improve the performance of athletes when used. The strength gained makes it possible to lift heavier weights and increase the number of repetitions. With a hardcore booster, lots of protein and training, muscle building can be improved.

The use of a hardcore booster supplement helps to increase muscle growth. Through targeted training, body fat can be converted into energy, strength or muscle mass, which is what many strength athletes and bodybuilders strive for. Hardcore boostersor training boosters are often used together with whey protein, BCAAs and creatine/creatin. This is done for a reason.


The effect of a hardcore boosterdepends on the product and the individualtolerance of the user. However, the decisive factor lies in the composition of the ingredients. Hardcore boosters contain strong and effective ingredients to enableathletes to achieve maximum performance.

Suitable for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. In our store you will find the most powerful training boosters, mainly from the USA, which contain a variety of effective ingredients such as DMAA, DMAE, DMHA , ephedrine / Ephedra, geraniumSchizandrol, amino acids and vitamins.

These products support you during training by giving you concentration and motivation. This allows you to work hard and motivate yourself. Once taken, you will be lifted to a new level with a boost of energy. The highly effective combination of stimulants, amino acids and vitamins ensures outstanding results.

Get the most effective pre-workout hardcore boosters at unbeatable prices in our store now. We deliver EU-wide directly from the EU. Choose Hardcore Booster and experience the difference!


A hardcore booster is a mixture of different ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, natural stimulants and amino acids. It is also known as a fitness booster or pre-workout booster.

The high-quality ingredients include DMAA, DMAE, DMHA, ephedra, geranium, schizandrol and various amino acids and vitamins. Other ingredients include additives and flavorings. To get an overview of the possible ingredients, we have compiled the list of ingredients of the well-known and popular hardcore booster "Jack3d old formulation original USA version" has been published.

An example of a US hardcore booster is the Jack3dwhich is particularly popular in bodybuilding and weight training. Alongside the Mesomorph booster, it is one of the best-selling boosters.

  • Studies show that hardcore boosters are superior to amphetamine when it comes to cognitive tasks and a high need for focus.
  • In addition, they increase the working capacity of the muscles by up to 222%, while at the same time increasing physical strength.

Ingredients in Jack3d include:

  • Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate: Promotes blood circulation in the capillaries.
  • Creatine monohydrate: Provides energy, especially at the start of fitness exercises, for more explosive and heavier training.
  • Beta Alanine: Buffers lactate and delays muscle acidification, which leads to more repetitions during training.
  • Caffeine: Has a direct effect on the central nervous system, optimizes the cognitive system and increases concentration and activity.
  • 1,3-Dimethylamylamine (DMAA): Improves concentration, focus, well-being and euphoria, which is why it was chosen as an ingredient for Jack3d.

The mixture of these ingredients makes Jack3d a powerful booster that improves performance and concentration during training.

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Yes, a hardcore booster can undoubtedly make a significant contribution to muscle building. With the right booster product, the high demands of numerous athletes and users can be met. A pre-workout booster specifically supports the muscle building program. In combination with a protein-rich diet, athletes achieve impressive results!

You get a clear focus. The booster replenishes your energy stores and enables you to train in a targeted and more intensive way. The often intense pump fascinates athletes and also increases motivation.

Our customers and athletes are thrilled with the effectiveness of the original USA hardcore booster / fitness training booster! Athletes often supplement their booster routine with whey protein, protein bars, BCAAs etc. to improve muscle building!

No pain, no success! This motto embodies the successful concept of muscle building!

Only those whotrain hard and concentrate on their muscles will make progress in their workout. Willpower is important. Training boosters help you achieve this goal faster. These hardcore boosters will help you reach your full potential!

Would you like to buy Hardcore Booster capsules or would you prefer to order it as a powder?

For those who want to buy and use a hardcore bo oster, there are usually two options available. In addition to the usual and widely used powder, there are also pre-workout boosters in capsules. But which form of hardcore booster (capsule or powder) is better? Are there really differences in the components, ingredients, content materials or dosage quantities?

Which is the better option: buying hardcore boosters as a powder or ordering them as capsules?

Overall, there are big differences in dietary supplements for weight training and bodybuilding. The decision as to whether athletes prefer to take powder or capsules depends on personal preferences and the product. Some prefer hardcore boosters, others fitness training boosters.

Products such as Jack3d-Booster, Mesomorph-Booster and Psycho-Booster Muscle Junkie are mostly available as powders. ECA stacks are an exception, as they are offered in a different form. These are usually available in capsule form and are used both as fat burners and training boosters.

Popular ECA stacks such as ECA Xtreme, Methyldrene, China White and EPH 100 contain ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin. Superfat burners such as Hellfire, Black Mama and Yohimbine HCL LLC contain strong stimulants and ingredients.

These help to burn fat and provide energy. In contrast, these are missing in other products. The choice between capsules and powder therefore depends heavily on the athlete's individual goals.

Hardcore boosters in powder form:

Most dietary supplements are available in powder form, with the exception of zinc, magnesium and beta-alanine, which are offered in other forms. Hardcore booster powder clearly offers the advantage that it can be freely dosed and portioned. The powder is often supplied in small or large containers and can be mixed or shaken at home if required.

Almost all traditional hardcore boosters are available in powder form in our store. One disadvantage of such supplements, however, is the possibility that the booster powder can clump together, unlike tablets. Compared to capsules, the powder form is rather bulky for use on the go. However, most products are often used up before they can clump.

Hardcore boosters in capsule form:

Buying hardcore boosters in capsule form offers a few options, such as Methyldrene 25 Elite Training Booster, Geranium DMAA 60mg USA or Finaflex Stimul8 Pre Workout Tabs. Capsules are convenient for traveling and last longer because they don't clump together. These are their advantages.

Capsules are surrounded by a thick layer of gelatine. However, a major disadvantage is the intake and dosage of such hardcore boosters in capsule form.

Many people find it difficult to swallow large capsules. It is also difficult to change the dosage, as this is only possible in full capsules. Capsules are particularly convenient when on vacation, traveling or visiting the gym straight from work. This is why most high-quality hardcore boosters are available in powder form.

Buy Harcore Booster powder vs. buy capsules:

Hardcore Booster powder and capsules have the same effect, there are no differences between them. The decision whether to buy capsules or powder is therefore more a question of personal taste.

You can opt for different hardcore booster products depending on your needs. This depends on whether you are on the go a lot or want to keep it simple. The manufacturer of the booster and the product, including the ingredients, often determine the type of intake.

Normally, the choice between training booster powder or capsule is not a decisive factor. Our customers mainly choose fitness boosters based on benefits, ingredients and ingredients. The decision is based on these criteria. It is neither harmful nor healthier to choose one of these options.

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Hardcore booster ingredients - The three areas:

Hardcore stimulants in the Hardcore Booster:

In this segment, we focus our attention on a particularly essential component. It is very important that a booster contains high-quality stimulants in order to have a positive effect on muscle building.

However, simply taking the Hardcore Booster alone is not enough. It requires hard work in the gym and a protein-rich diet.

Nevertheless, stimulants such as DMAA, DMHA, DMAE, HCL, beta alanine, ephedra, geranium, schizandrol, caffeine, beta alanine, taurine, arginine and guarana are extremely useful. These ingredients increase body heat, intensify the heartbeat and shrink the blood vessels. This results in intense concentration and an impressive muscle pump. When training at night, dose the Hardcore Booster carefully as it can have a negative effect on sleep. Effect lasts longer.

Vitamins & minerals:

The most common ingredients in hardcore boosters are vitamins B1, B3, B6, B12, C, D, cholic acid, pantothenic acid and magnesium, which replenish the body and prepare it for training by replenishing its stores. The amount of vitamins and minerals of course always depends on the specific main goal of the Hardcore Booster!

Additives and flavors in Hardcore Booster:

In this area, many manufacturers integrate their secret ingredients and mixtures as well as amino acids such as creatine, arginine, glutamine, citrulline, taurine, beta alanine and various flavors. Occasionally they also contain substances such as synephrine and ephedrine HCL.

Many athletes use fat burners as hardcore boosters to give them more strength and focus. They use the energy from burning fat to be even stronger.

Athletes report positive experiences with ECA stacks such as Methyldrene EPH 25, T5 Zion Labs Fatburner, China White Fatburner, Hellfire Fat Burner as well as Yohimbine HCL 10mg and Black Mamba. These are particularly beneficial if the body fat percentage does not yet meet expectations. Conversely, hardcore boosters also act as fat burners and support muscle definition.

Intake and dosage for maximum effect:

If you are planning to buy a hardcore booster to increase muscle growth and achieve better results, there are a few things to consider when taking it. The pre-workout meal plays an important role here. Only through proper nutrition and optimal use of the booster at the right time can you get closer to your goal of increased muscle growth, muscle mass and strength.

For maximum effect of the Hardcore Booster, take your last meal 2 to 1 ½ hours before taking it. For best results, the Hardcore Booster should be taken on an empty stomach to feel the effects more quickly. This allows your body to utilize the ingredients more quickly.

For maximum energy during training, eat long-chain carbohydrates and proteins together with the Hardcore Training Booster. This will help you to increase your performance.

You should avoid fats and fast sugars, as they are processed too slowly or too quickly. Taking the pre-workout booster at the wrong time can lead to a bad feeling. This could impair muscle building.