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When Yohimbe is mentioned, it usually means Yohimbe HCL or Yohimbine HCL. Yohimbine HCL - unless it is a homeopathic remedy. Yohimbe and Yohimbe HCL are not the same. Yohimbine is extracted from the yohimbe bark and is the herbal, natural but also weak form compared to Yohimbine. If you add hydrochloride (HCL) to this herbal substance, it becomes much stronger and more potent. It is also easier and more effective to take, as pure herbal yohimbine is largely destroyed by stomach acid shortly after ingestion. Yohimbe HCL remains stable and is not destroyed in the stomach.
So if you want to benefit from taking yohimbine, you should definitely buy Yohimbe HCL. Because here the active ingredient of Yohimbine Hcl really reaches the body! If you also take Sports and Yohimbe HCL, you will achieve fast and perfect results. A balanced yohimbine level is important for a steady fat loss.

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Yohimbe has multiple effects on the body, which are not only positive for physical fitness. The active ingredient in Yohimbe HCL slows down the enzyme "monoamine oxidase" (MAO course), which breaks down monoamines. Monoamines are of great importance to the body because they contain the neurotransmitters noradrenaline, dopamine and the happiness hormone seratonin. Due to its MAO inhibiting effect, yohimbe increases the amount of monoamines in the brain. On the one hand, this leads to a better mood; on the other hand, dopamine and norepinephrine help to increase the ability to concentrate. Nicotine and the drug Yohimbe have a similar effect. Nicotine and the drug Ritalin have a similar effect. Ritalin is used to treat ADHD patients in whom the neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenalin do not work properly. Yohimbe's active ingredient also protects the hormone adrenaline from being broken down by the MAO enzyme. This means that the fat-burning properties can be implemented for longer and the beta receptors can be stimulated comprehensively.


The origin of the yohimbe tree, which belongs to the red family, is in water Africa - genuuer in Cameroon, the southwest of Nigeria, in Gabon and in Congo. The indigenous people of Africa already use the valuable ingredients of the leaves and the yohimbe bark as an effective sexual enhancer. The Maasai used pure yohimbine in their initiation rites to help male children take the step into adulthood. Both the yohimbe bark and pieces of the tree's spice were boiled in fresh cattle blood. Ingestion often led to epilepsy-like convulsions and the users experienced terrible horror visions and anxiety states, which occasionally led to self-harm, rampages and even death.
In Germany, the active ingredient of yohimbine has been used in medicine since 1980. In addition to its aphrodisiac and hallucinogenic effects, yohimbe became known as an antioxidant. Today, only the extract yohimbine is used in high-quality sexual enhancers and it has been proven that the offered yohimbe bark only offers a minor active ingredient. According to research, yohimbe has a vasodilating effect, i.e. it can help the body to dilate the blood vessels, especially in the extremities. This can treat impotence or erectile dysfunction in men. This can treat impotence or erectile dysfunction in men and improve lipido in both men and women.


Buy Yohimbe HCL to lose weight quickly and effectively. Yohimbine HCL is known to reduce fat specifically in problem areas. He runs the fat cell has various receptors (docking sites) that give fat cells so-called commands. This happens by activating or blocking these Blocking these docking sites. When you buy and supplement with Yohimbe HCL, the preparation docks exactly at these receptors and thus causes the fat cell to discharge fat. This makes the cell smaller and the fat is burned. Since the problem areas have a lot of these cells, the burning of body fat is also highest in these areas because Yohimbe HCL works exactly on these receptors. The result is really sensational! Buying Yohimbe HCL is not only the perfect fat burner!
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Yohimbe Hcl works best when you have little in your stomach. It is therefore recommended to take it between meals. The best times to take it are early in the morning before breakfast, at night or directly before training or exercise. If you use Yohimbe Hcl as a fat burner, you should also pay attention to your diet and when you take it in order to get the maximum results from this product. A low carb diet as well as a protein/amino acid rich diet is recommended and will bring the maximum performance of the Yohimbe active ingredient for your fat loss. As already mentioned, the best time to take Yohimbe HCL is in the morning, at night and before training - when we have not eaten any carbohydrates and insulin levels are at their lowest. Buy Yohimbe HCL now at a special price!

For example, if you use 30 mg of Yohimbine Hcl per day, the intake could look like this:

Buy 10 mg NIGHT / Yohimbe HCL

Here the insulin level is very low and Yohimbe Hcl can work very effectively. Some users have found that they become so "fit" when taking it at night that they can no longer sleep. Those who do not have this problem should definitely keep taking the "night dose". Otherwise, it should be taken a little earlier.

10 mg between meals / Yohimbe HCL buy

It is important that the meals have few carbohydrates. If you eat a lot of carbohydrates and then take Yohimbe HCL shortly afterwards, you will benefit very little from this product. A diet rich in protein is extremely important to optimise bodybuilding.

10 mg before training / buy Yohimbe HCL

Yohimbe Hcl promotes total calorie turnover - making your workout highly effective at burning fat - as a lot more calories are burned!Buy
Yohimbe HCL: The product helps the body to provide energy from the fat cells during exercise, which in turn helps your fat burning!

To achieve this effect to the maximum, you should take the pure Yohimbe (HCl= hydrochloride) capsules in extra high doses before training. However, the maximum dosage of 0.2mg/kg body weight should not be exceeded. Always keep your yohimbine levels up to ensure optimal fat burning.

However, if you are buying and taking Yohimbe HCL for the first time, you should start with a low dose as this product is highly effective!

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General information about Yohimbe HCL buy / Yohimbe / Yohimbe tree

The botanical name of Yohimbe's origin is the tree from West Africa. Its botanical name is Coryanthe Yohimbe. The Yohimbe tree grows in the tropics in South America. For centuries, the potency of the bark of the Yohimbe tree has been used in a special preparation to increase the sexuality of men and women. The indigenous people have used this Yohimbe extract for centuries in sexually ecstatic tribal rituals that last up to 14 days. Yohimbe is known as an aphrodisiac in the tropics. It is also recognised by the WHO as the only aphrodisiac.
The active ingredient Yohimbe is an indole alkaloid that enhances the biomechanical process that is thought to play the key role in male erection. Yohimbe has a strong inhibitory effect on the alpha-2 adrenergic system - a subsystem of the general adrenergic system. The adrenergic system is the entirety of the autonomic nerve fibres that release noradrenaline and adrenaline as neurotransmitters. It regulates this activity or down-regulates exactly this activity of the alpha-2-adrenergic system by blocking receptors that are responsible for the activation of this system in the case of stress. Yohimbe thus inhibits the activation of a part of the adrenergic system and thus provides a kind of stress reduction.

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Each person naturally possesses the body's own natural blocker of the alpha-2 receptor naturally kicks in during each erection. Inhibition of the alpha-2 adrenergic system increases blood flow through the arteries into the penis, while at the same time it restricts the outflow of blood through veins. In addition, alpha-2 blockade leads to the accumulation of acetylcholine - an antagonist of adrenaline and the nerve messenger closely linked to the process of erection.

The alpha-2 blockade is active in the brain at the same time. Yohimbe increases the sex drive. Yohimbine / Yohimbe increases the blood level of the nerve messenger "noradrenaline" by 66%. Norepinephrine stimulates the sex centre in the brain, more specifically in the hypothalamus (a part of the brain) and is considered one of the body's pro-sexual substances. In four controlled clinical studies, the alpha-2 blocking agent improved impotence of various causes in 33-62% of the users or test persons. Yohimbine has a similar sexually stimulating effect on women as it does on men. The increased blood flow stimulates the genital region, which ultimately leads to more satisfying and pleasurable sex. An improvement in erectile function in men usually only occurs after 14 days. The therapy or intake should be carried out for at least 6 weeks. As an alternative to regular intake, some doctors recommend taking 2 to 3 tablets about an hour before sexual intercourse.

William Boericke, American physician and author of one of the greatest homeopathic medicinal teachings, wrote about Yohimbe as early as 1927:
"Yohimbe stimulates the sex hormones and acts on the central nervous system and respiratory centre. An aphrodisiac in physiological doses, but contraindicated in all acute and chronic inflammations of the abdominal organs."

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Directly noticeable effects of Yohimbe / Topic Buy Yohimbe HCL

First effects can be felt after a very short period of half a minute.

  • Buy Yohimbe HCl stimulates the release of energy through fat breakdown at the fat cell and thus has a thermo effect, which warms the body from the inside.
  • Stimulation and sexual arousal up to spontaneous erection
  • Very pleasant perception of sexual activity
  • Dilatation of the blood vessels
  • Increase of blood supply in the pelvis and reflex excitability in the sacral medulla are increased
  • Yohimbe also has an antidepressant effect
  • Increase of adrenaline at the nerve endings which causes sensitisation of the skin.
  • Sufficient physical activity is of course an advantage > No Pain - No Gain!!!

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Yohimbe in trade journals 

Yohimbe with various fitness specialities has a special fatigue and puncture effect. From all kinds of problems. Felt cells have 2 general receivers. The beta receivers increase fat mobilisation and the alpha receivers maintain fat mobilisation. However, the alpha receivers maintain the fat burner. Through energy efficiency by fattening fat cells, Yohimbe HCL is an efficient training and workout enhancer and an extreme fat burner. Yohimbe HCL is optimal for better pump performance in bodybuilding and more power, drive and mental strength in martial arts.

Side effects at the entrance 

Yohimbe HCL helps special men with erectile dysfunction and impotence. While using the appropriate yohimbine, it should be agreed that the cautious foods from the food plan are established. The substance of pure yohimbine has a strong influence on the body work. The alkaloid caffeine wastes the body very carefully. Other side effects due to the possible effect of the affected effect are strong memory, overcrowding, vertebrae, blood pressure disorders, sleep disorders, heart, digging and sitting.

Literature pages on the topic / sources:

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