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What are prohormones?

Prohormones are precursors of hormones in the human body that can be converted into active hormones. In relation to sports and bodybuilding supplements, the term often refers to substances that become steroid hormones. These PH are used by people who want to increase their athletic performance, build muscle or promote fat loss.


Prohormones work by being converted into active hormones in the body. This conversion occurs through enzymatic processes that take place in various tissues and organs. In the context of sports and bodybuilding supplements, this often refers to the conversion into anabolic steroids, such as testosterone or other related hormones.

When someone takes prohormones, these substances enter the bloodstream. In the body, they can then be converted into their active forms by enzymes. Some prohormones turn into hormones that are important for muscle building and athletic performance.

PH have risks, such as side effects and health hazards. These substances can disrupt hormone balance and lead to undesirable effects. Before using prohormones, you should ask an expert for advice and understand the health risks.

Which prohormones are the best?

There is an extensive list of prohormones available on the market. However, presenting them all in detail would go beyond the scope of this article. We have therefore decided to take a closer look at the most popular PH.


Trenavar is a PH that is converted to trenbolone and has a strong effect. Trenbolone is known to many as an injectable steroid. Trenavar is a powerful tool for dieting. It burns fat, builds muscle and increases strength.


Halodrol, also known as chlorodehydromethylandrostenediol, promotes the build-up of lean muscle mass and increases the body's vascularity. Compared to Epistane, it has a stronger effect on muscle building and less on fat loss.


Known by RPN Havoc, is a prohormone for beginners without side effects, often used by users without experience. It promotes the build-up of lean muscle mass, supports fat burning and improves training performance. Its overall mild effects make it particularly popular with beginners.


Colloquially known as dihydrotestosterone, Stanodrol is also an extremely popular prohormone. It simultaneously leads to fat loss and muscle building (dry) and increases both training performance and libido.


4-Androsterone, also known as 4-Andro, is a PHs without methylation that quickly builds muscle and increases muscle volume.


Superdrol is no longer freely available for sale in Germany, as it is considered a full-fledged steroid. It leads to a lot of muscle mass and strength and is one of the strongest and most popular muscle-building supplements in bodybuilding. It is one of the most potent PH.


Nandrolone, also known as 19-nor-testosterone or "Deca-Durabolin", is often used to increase muscle mass and strength during bulking phases.


Very effective even in small amounts, builds muscle mass and increases strength. It improves visible vascularity and can burn excess fat.

Methyl-Stenbolone (Ultradrol, M-Sten)

The ultimate mass-builder. For those who simply want to build mass and body weight quickly, Ultradrol or Methylstenbolone is an extremely satisfying option for impressive results. Unlike other prohormones, Ultradrol can also retain water and thereby increase weight.

Who are prohormones suitable for?

Prohormones are primarily designed for men, if at all. Women have many hormones, especially oestrogen. It is unclear how the use of prohormones affects pregnancies.

Beginners should not use dietary supplements or active substances. They often lack basic knowledge of strength training, nutrition and recovery. They also have little experience. There is no uniform recommendation, as people react differently to the effects and side effects.

Is PH safe to use?

The safety of using prohormones is controversial and depends on various factors. Prohormones are precursors of hormones that can be converted into active hormones in the body, especially testosterone. Some athletes and fitness enthusiasts use prohormones to achieve muscle-building effects.

However, there are concerns about safety. Prohormones can lead to unwanted side effects, including hormonal changes, liver damage and heart problems. The body can convert extra hormones into estrogen. This can lead to unwanted effects such as breast enlargement in men.

A doctor or nutritionist should be consulted before using prohormones. The use of prohormones should be well thought out and considered with caution to minimize potential risks. There are alternative methods to build muscle and increase performance. These may be safer and more effective in the long term.

Advantages of prohormones

Prohormones have advantages and disadvantages and can entail risks. There are different opinions about them. However, some people may consider certain possible benefits:

Muscle mass building: Athletes and bodybuilders sometimes use prohormones to improve muscle building and protein synthesis.

Performance enhancement: Some claim that prohormones can improve athletic performance by increasing strength and endurance.

Faster recovery: Some users recover faster after hard training. This could be due to PH's support for regeneration in the body.

Conclusion on prohormones

In a nutshell: Prohormones offer potential benefits such as muscle growth, but also significant risks such as hormonal imbalances. Individual responses vary and professional advice is essential. Safer alternatives such as a balanced diet and regular exercise should be preferred. An informed decision based on advice and research is important to avoid jeopardizing health.