Redcon1 WAR GAMES *US*

Redcon1 WAR GAMES *US*

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Redcon1 War Games Enhanced Gaming 186g

The long-awaited Redcon1 War Games product has quickly become the best gaming accessory of 2021.

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Redcon1 WAR GAMES Enhanced Gaming

The long awaited Redcon1 War Games Enhanced Gaming 186g product has quickly become the best gaming accessory of 2021. Accessories have long been used by athletes to take their athletic performance to the next level, it's about time there was something for eSports competitors and gamers. Redcon1 War Games is a Nootropic Energy Formula designed to keep you awake and alert during long gaming sessions. This gaming formula helps fight fatigue, supports eye health, and keeps your reflexes sharp even after hours of playing video games. Forgo energy drinks that are just caffeinated but don't really boost your performance and get a Redcon1 War Games product!

Advantages of the product Redcon1 WAR GAMES

  • Nootropic energy formula for gamers
  • It keeps you alert and awake
  • Helps fight fatigue during long gaming sessions
  • Supports eye health
  • Be prepared and highlight your best gaming experience
  • Increase brain power and cognitive function
  • The best gaming supplement of 2021

USER REVIEWS Redcon1 War Games Enhanced Gaming 186g

My favorite energy product for gaming is either a Bang Energy Drink or the occasional G Fuel product. I am also a weight lifter and have used Redcon products in the past, so when I saw they were launching a gaming supplement I thought I would give it a try. I was really very impressed, I was more aware and alert, my vision improved a little but it was noticeably better and my brain was just static or turned on. I really like war games.

When I first participated in War Games, I didn't actually play any games, but I did clean my house and do some homework that I had been putting off all weekend. I'm a little sensitive to caffeine so I usually drink the War Games shaker until I feel a kick, I'm usually about 3/4 of the way down.

I like war games a lot. I will say that it doesn't taste as good as energy drinks, it's slightly bitter and sometimes a little spicy, but it actually has real ingredients and nootropics, so I don't mind that it doesn't taste as good as energy drinks drink.


Mix 1 scoop with 2-3 DCL of water and drink 30 minutes before play or practice.

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Redcon1 War Games Enhanced Gaming 186g